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Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled.

Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled

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Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine's Day

Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine's Day

If you love the planet and love treating yourself, you don’t need to compromise. Our products are handmade in small batches, keeping our carbon footprint low. Here we share our gift ideas available on Makes Scents and some extra ideas that you can treat yourself to, or gift others with a clear conscience.

Our DIY bubble candle kits come with reusable silicone moulds which you can use to make your own candles and perfect your technique with, again and again. Date idea alert! Try out the kit with our easy to follow instructions with your other half or your best mate. Did you know we started our candle business after making candles on an evening in lockdown with a housemate! Getting stuck into a craft is a mindful activity where you’ll quite often forget the time and become lost in the moment. Plus soy wax is sustainably sourced, cruelty free, vegan and any plastic components although rare in our products are PET plastic and recyclable.

Dried flowers. They’re the modern trend appearing on your feed. They add a statement to any space that stays crisp, perfect for a really long time and bring a guaranteed pop of colour to your home. Another alternative to flowers is a wax melt bouquet. Place wooden skewers into wax melts in any colour or assorted shape you like and display them in a vase. They’re like pot pourri for 2023 and will beautifully scent a space.

Our candles all come with flower seeds, read our sweet pea blog for more information. Use the seeds in your order to up-cycle your candle glass after the wax has burned away. Alternatively use your glass for lots of other purposes, we’ve got another blog for inspiration and plant your seeds in the garden to bring wildlife into your outdoor space.

If you ever have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Browse our gift packaging, it’s recyclable, pretty and durable enough to reuse.

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