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Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled.

Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled

We only ship domestically to the U.K.

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About us

Makes Scents Candles began at the end of June 2020. During lockdown in the UK, I was bought a ‘candle making kit for beginners’ and fell in love with the process of candle making. I then developed the concept of up-cycling candle glasses with flower seeds as a means to step away the number of candle glasses ending up in landfill, by giving candle glasses a second life. As someone who's creative with a passion for nature, making plant-based candles was an obvious choice and the flower seed idea grew from there’.

Our candles are plant based through and through, made from sustainably sourced soy wax in small batches by hand.

Now Makes Scents has grown from six candles to over 100 products including gifts, diffusers and candle refills, shipping domestically to the U.K. Makes Scents products are stocked in spas and retail spaces, and the business continues to work closely with an international candle supplies brand on monthly livestreams and content, while supporting other like-minded small businesses.


Founder, Makes Scents Candles LTD

Plant based through and through, because it Makes Scents.

Sustainably sourced ingredients

Every care is made to create handmade candles that are made to order or only produced in small batches. The ingredients include sustainably sourced soy wax produced in the UK, fragrance oil and dye which are all vegan and cruelty free. Be sure to re-cycle your packaging. At this current time we ship to the U.K. only.

Burn baby burn

With a burn time of over 24 hours, let your chosen scent fill your room. Be sure to follow the safety note inside your candle, remove any anti-bac gel as it’s super flammable and light it up away from pets and children.

Grow all out

It doesn’t stop when your candle arrives. Once the candle burns down, continue the fragrance by planting up your candle holder. There are instructions inside order on how to up-cycle your holder and plant your seeds.