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Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled.

Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled

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5 ways to up-cycle your Makes Scents candle holder

5 ways to up-cycle your Makes Scents candle holder

We love treating ourselves and lighting a candle on a cosy evening, but we also believe in making the things we buy work a little bit harder. By giving your candle container a second life after the wax has burned down, your purchase is not destined for landfill.

So, with this in mind here’s 5 ways you can up-cycle your glass candle container.

First things first prepare your glass container by warming the remaining 1cm of wax by placing it in a saucepan or cup of warm water and wiping out the remaining wax. Place the used wax in a compost bin, it's biodegradable.

1. Plant up a tropical terrarium. Take your glass container and add a layer of small rocks/pebbles to the base of it. Then layer on some water soaked moss. On top of this add a layer of soil, the moss stops it mixing with the pebbles and keeps the layers clean and distinct. Take your succulents and plants and plant them in the soil by digging out a small hole in the compost, placing the plant in and back-filling soil around the base of the plant. Sprinkle some decorative sand or pebbles on top to finish off your terrarium.

2. Fill your empty container with pot-pourrii. Whether you like dried flowers or more seasonal alternatives like orange slices, cinnamon and pine cones your container can easily be filled with scented seasonal scented pot-pourrii.

3. Store make-up brushes. Take your container and fill it with rice. Place make-up brushes inside to keep them freestanding and separate from each other. Perfect for just washed brushes too to keep them full and shapely. It’s as easy as that.

4. Get creative. If you’ve picked a beautiful container, like our HOLO glass, you can use it to brighten your desk by storing your odds and ends or pens or place another pillar candle or tea light inside.

5. Our signature up-cycling with flower seeds. Finally, take the seeds and biodegradable grow bag that come with your order. Place the material grow bag in the container and fold the top of the bag over the rim of the glass. Fill the bag with compost, leaving an inch at the top. Sprinkle over your seeds and cover with a little remaining soil. Place somewhere warm. When the seeds begin to germinate place on a warm windowsill. Once you’ve started off your plants you can fold down the sides of the grow bag so that you can lift out your seedlings when they’re ready to plant in the garden. The bag keeps the roots air pruned and is biodegradable so it can be planted straight in the ground. You can also use the grow bag to plant succulents, houseplants, or cacti inside your candle glass too and sprinkle your seeds directly in the garden.

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