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Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled.

Welcome to Makes Scents Candles, candles designed to be up-cycled

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Discover Your Perfect Summer Scent

Discover Your Perfect Summer Scent

Looking for a new scent for Summer? We're breaking down our collection of scents to find you your ideal match.

  1. Tropical Explorer: If you're a wanderluster, drawn to the allure of far-off destinations and exotic adventures, you'll love the Island Getaway scent from Makes Scents Candles available in a diffuser or range of candle sizes. With notes of coconut, amber and bergamot, this candle captures the essence of a white sand beach break, it's creamy and luxe, perfect for indoor-outdoor spaces and living rooms. If you love creamy, hotel lobby inspired candles our A Touch of Magic candle works well to elevate rather than intrude in any space. Or Tropical Explorer, choose In the Tropics, a sweet zesty alternative, with scent notes of Coconut, Dragon fruit and Lime.

  2. Citrus Enthusiast: Are you the life of the party, always ready to brighten someone's day with your positive energy? Embrace your zest for life with the universally popular Lime, Basil & Mandarin candle from Makes Scents Candles. 

  3. Beachcomber at Heart: For those who feel most at peace with the sand between their toes and the sound of waves in the distance, the Sunsets & Surf spray candle from Makes Scents Candles is the perfect match. If you like a fruity, yet clean scent, swap your usual clean cotton laundry scent for Sunsets & Surfspray. With hints of sea salt, driftwood, and fresh sea spray, this candle transports you to a coastal paradise.

  4. Romantic Dreamer: Do you have a penchant for all things romantic and whimsical? Overflowing with the delicate scents of jasmine, orange blossom and rose, these candle fills your space with the timeless beauty of a blooming garden in full bloom and are quintessentially English scents. Romantic dreamers, choose our Chasing Rainbows (English Rose and Pink Pepper) scented candle or our No Place Like Home (Earl Grey Tea, Jasmine and Orange Blossom) scented candle. Both Limited edition, so move fast.

  5. Outdoor Enthusiast: Whether you're hiking through the wilderness or lounging in the backyard, you appreciate the great outdoors in all its glory. For outdoor enthusiasts like you, our pear, raspberry, pomegranate and blackberry scented candles are the way to go. Choose Pear & Freesia, Pomegranate & Sweet Berry with notes of nettle and juicy red berries or our Blackberry and Bay Leaf scented candles and diffusers.

  6. Flower lover: Surround yourself with the fragrant blooms of summer with candles featuring floral scents like peony, jasmine, and heady tobacco flower, which can all be found in our Makes Scents Main Collection


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